New Mix – August 2015

FNK'D UP DJ @ Sidewalk

FNK’D UP DJ @ Sidewalk

To celebrate being one of the new Resident DJs at Sidewalk, Birmingham I’ve created a brand new mix exclusively available on Mixcloud.

I’ve moved all of my material from Soundcloud over to Mixcloud for two main reasons…

1 – Mixcloud ensure that royalties from every play of my mix are passed on to the relevant copyright holders.

2 РAlthough I have permission to use these songs for promotional purposes (as you will see by having the artists themselves provide their support on Twitter) the copyright policy on Soundcloud was becoming too much of a headache, having to ensure I upload documentation from every record label for every release in the mix.  This was taking up too much time and making it an inefficient use of my time.

Mixcloud have an app available for most mobile devices and gives you free access to mixes from DJs all over the world – It’s a partnership I’m very excited to have as it’s a very powerful platform.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter – @FNKD to keep up to date with my latest updates, including where you can see me perform live!

Carry on reading to listen to the mix in the embedded player or go to my Mixcloud profile to find it along with my previous work.


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