Karaoke Hire Now Available

FNK’D UP DJ is available for karaoke hire in your venue.  This is a good option to bring customers into your venue on quieter nights such as Sundays or mid-week.

Karaoke Hire Includes:

  • FNK’D UP DJ appearing as your Karaoke host
  • 2x UHF Radio Mics for customers to sing (ability to add echo/reverb effects to vocals)
  • Connect to existing displays in your venue up to 20m away via HDMI & Composite (yellow phono socket) connections available.  An optional LCD screen for singers can be provided if required.
  • Personalised screen between singers with YOUR logo* at the top corner also showing who’s up next
  • Karaoke songbook searchable on smartphones with online form to submit requests. No more paper slips!
  • Your venues drink offers and upcoming events advertised on the Karaoke songbook smartphone page.
  • Latest chart hits added every month to the database

On top of all this, bookings are backed by 10m Public Liability Insurance as well as full HMRC compliant invoicing being provided.

If you would like to see the Karaoke smartphone page in action, get in touch via the contact page.

*Logo must be submitted to me 48 hours prior to the booking.