• Naughty Boy Vs Wiley

    I had some spare time so I quickly put this together, I’ll probably go back and tidy it up at some point, but it’s usable for now.  The tracks involved are: Naughty Boy Feat. Sam Smith – La La La Wiley – Can You Hear Me?   If you’re a DJ and wish to get

  • Compiled Club Charts 17th July

    The Club Charts have been compiled for Music Week where you can subscribe to the full charts, however the Number 1 spots have gone to: Upfront Club Chart Faded – ZHU (Polydor) Commercial Pop Chart Home – Naughty Boy Feat. Sam Romans (Virgin/EMI) Urban Chart Down On My Luck – Vic Mensa (Virgin/EMI)

  • Club Charts 15th July

    Here’s my top 5 chart for Upfront, Commercial Pop and Urban for the past weekend. Fully compiled charts are available weekly in Music Week